Every client has different needs and our goal is to meet those needs. Whether your facility requires cleaning services 7 days a week or one time a month, Blue Shore Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

Blue Shore Inc. is capable of providing experienced, trained staff for:

  • Commercial cleaning for Class A buildings, Class B and triple net facilities.
  • Surgical and Operating Room Cleaning
  • PACU Cleaning
  • MRI Room Cleaning
  • Pediatrics Cleaning
  • eGMP Area Cleaning
  • Fill/finish
  • Bio-hazard waste containment for transport
  • Green Cleaning
  • Mechanical room cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning/extraction
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Vinyl tile cleaning and refinishing
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Terrazzo maintenance
  • Resilient floor maintenance
  • Recycling
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Final construction area cleanup
  • Parking lot daily maintenance
  • Day Porter
  • Ceramic tile and grout restoration
  • Coverage for clients with in-house cleaning when staff goes on vacation or sick leave
  • NEW SERVICE provide and service matting systems
  • Logo mats
  • NEW SERVICE provide training to client’s in-house staff
  • Emergency service after incidents such as flooding or vandalism
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Blue Shore Inc. has been asked in the past to provide training for a client’s in-house cleaning staff. We now offer this consulting service to any clients who currently have an in-house staff and would like to have that staff incorporate any of the cleaning procedures we utilize.

Best Practices – In addition to recommending best practices in all areas, Blue Shore Inc. incorporates best practices for the most effective ways to prevent cross contamination.

Frequent Hand-Washing
Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent cross-contamination. Hands must be washed thoroughly in the following situations:

Frequent Glove-Changing
Wearing disposable gloves is another effective way to prevent the spread of germs. I they are not changed after completing a set of tasks, after leaving a cleaning area, or after handling infectious material, gloves become simply another vehicle for cross-contamination. Specifically, gloves should be changed after:

Proper Cleaning of Equipment and Areas

Frequent Change of Water

Frequent Change of Mop Heads and Cleaning Cloths