We chose our company name to reflect our commitment to the environment. In addition to using Green Seal certified chemicals where appropriate, the philosophy of Blue Shore Inc. is that it is critical to the success of our business to provide our staff with state of the art cleaning equipment.

Blue Shore Inc. now invests in only HEPA filter vacuums.

We currently utilize Pro Team Back Packs, Quarter Packs and Hip Packs. We are utilizing these ergonomic backpack HEPA vacuum cleaners, for optimal Indoor Air Quality. Not only are these vacuums excellent for carpet cleaning, they are also beneficial for hard surface floor care. We feel that they are the key to improved performance. The proper use of the attachments reduces and can eliminate the need for dust mops. The four level filtration eliminates dust, allergens and other microscopic pollutants down to 1 micron in size. We have found this particularly important in medical and pharmaceutical cleaning environments. There are less dust particles released into the air. The Pro-Team back packs are the only vacuums that are endorsed by the American Lung Association.

Blue Shore has also incorporated a new mopping system into our cleaning procedures.  In the process of reaching our business goal to incorporate the green philosophy into our procedures, we have begun to change our mopping system out from the standard and effective basic mopping system to a dual bucket system.


This Blacklight inspection kit allows our managers to place marks in high touch areas and restrooms. It will show markings as well as traces of calcium and urine. This tool is used first for training and then for inspections and provides us with optimal control of cleaning results.


Color coded micro fiber cloths are being utilized to stay on course with our commitment to the environment and green cleaning.

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